Friday, April 5, 2013

At Least I Got To Touch a Damn Fish

At Least I Got To Touch a Fish
Fishing has been rough the last few outings.  I haven't eaten this much shit since I started fly fishing.  I can't believe how many skunks I've encountered in the last few outings.  The usual suspect and I fished Prado.  This is, at least on paper, spawning season for bass but with all this on again off again weather, the bass must be confused.  It seems every time a bass is ready to bust a load, mother nature splashes cold water at it's boner.  It's been making fishing harder than a twelve year old at the playboy mansion. 
Tip Of The Day: Catching Percentages Increase Exponentially If you Have a Hook On Your Fly.
Being a stubborn son of a bitch, I didn't listen to Chul and fish a floating line but rather my 150 grain line.  Perhaps that is the reason he got a fish and I left stinking of the skunk.  Rough day for the both of us but Chul managed a quality 2 pounder after about a gazillion casts.  I had about two gazillion casts and caught a child's sock that I initially thought was a magnum sized condom.  Either way I didn't want to be touching it.
What The Hell Is That? Part Goose, Part Chicken, Part Turkey.  It must be a genetic mutation from all that agricultural run off.
My contribution to Chul's pram: a fly patch I bought in Japan over a decade ago that I intended to use on a boat I never did buy.

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